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This is mostly to test how good itch's text editor is, but also *actually* holds some patch notes!



  • You can now change the battle style in the menu. You're given the options to use a full active time battle system (time *always* moves) or a non-active battle system (if it's a characters turn, time doesn't move) apart from the default option.


  • The first epiphany no longer has a timer when your logic difficulty is set to "Easy".
  • Unfitting music no longer plays during the additional content.
  • It was possible to glitch a boat outside of a river in a very specific location in the woods - while this shouldn't be possible in the first place, a fail-safe has been added to avoid players getting stuck there.
  • Wrong battle back for the area before the woods has now been corrected.
  • No battle back in one possible secret route in the woods has also been fixed.
  • Time until 'Noir' (potentially) moves from his position in front of the bandit caverns has been increased by 10 seconds to make it slightly harder to "stumble upon".
  • Added final epilogue that shows after the end of the bonus content.
  • "Last Stand" music changes increased the volume by 15% - that was unintentional and an oversight. It now increases the volume by only 5% and the pitch of the current theme by 20% instead.
  • Player Balloon Icons no longer occur for no reason during the dialogue with 'Noir'. 

Known Issues:

  • On rare occasions, text is cut-off still and the laboratory still has some wonky grammar / spelling mistakes. Every report with a screenshot counts, it's a fairly difficult to find all errors through playtesting with a single person.


  • General quality of life changes.
  • Bandit Caverns will be simplified / cut entirely.
  • Lulezim, a fully implemented location from the combat demo might be appended with some additional challenges, secrets, and discoveries after beating the demo, as a thanks to all of those that made it this far. Thanks for being always there for me.

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Version Apr 05, 2019

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