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Good day, dear traveller...

You are not a hero. There's no big threat, no grand evil about to resurrect. It's already been dealt with. The clash of the heroes with a human only referred to in post as a 'demon' lead to an outburst of energy, granting most of the populace the abilty to use magic. You will explore the world as Rayden - someone who, for one reason or another, appears to be the only person on the entire continent that has been excluded from this. With the heroes that slayed the demon now in charge of ruling over the lands, explore the serene, yet dangerous world with a huge arsenal of different weapons and three unique party members in an effort to uncover a conspiracy that goes far beyond your understanding.

Astralon: Fall of Order is a classic RPG that involves an active-time battle system & deduction / logic elements featured in games like the Ace Attorney series and Danganronpa. It features voice work from the talented Sean Chiplock & Andy Cowley.

Graphics in the demo aren't final. They're placeholders and should be treated as such - for more up to date info, follow me on twitter @Pumalarios or keep a close eye on the devlogs here, for I will reveal some art on here, too!


  • A mix between classic RPGs and mystery solving! Level up and customise your characters with in-depth customisation, then, the next second, solve a conspiracy on the side!
  • Too many secrets to count! Items are hidden everywhere. Finding them all will be a true challenge. Try for every single item, or try and complete the elusive blue chest challenge! Hidden paths are everywhere, but they're *always* marked in one way or another.
  • Say goodbye to random encounters! With an enemy radar visible at all times, you can simply sidestep enemies if you're careful.

Warning: Since there has been some confusion - the current state is a 3-6 hour demo. As it stands, it won't be completed. I'll fix critical bugs and *might* continue it in the future, but it will most likely look and feel drastically different then, as I've grown much as a developer since starting this project.


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